MIRIS Space Observation Data Release

MIRIS (Multi-purpose InfraRed Imaging System) is a compact near-infrared space telescope launched in 2013 November as the main payload of STSAT-3 (Science and Technology Satellite 3). The main missions of MIRIS are:

  • Pa-α line survey along the Galactic plane
  • Large area (∼10°×10°) surveys of three pole regions (north ecliptic pole and north and south Galactic poles)
  • Bi-daily monitoring survey toward the north ecliptic pole

MIRIS started observations for the main missions in 2014 March and completed in 2015 May.

We release the data of these observations through the homepage of MIRIS. The pre-processed FITS-formatted data file is provided for each target and contains images stacking frames obtained during the observation. To query and download observation data, please visit Data page. Details of the observation data are also described in the Data page. We welcome any kind of utilization of MIRIS data by interested researchers. Please contact us for further information.

  • Contact point: Dr. Wonyong Han, MIRIS Project PI, KASI (whan@kasi.re.kr, 042-865-3219)